Wynne Baptist WEE School

The purpose of the WEE School at Wynne Baptist Church is:

- to help two and a half, three and four year-olds to grow physically,

  mentally, socially and spiritually

- to provide opportunities for the child to learn about himself and others

- to develop readiness skills

- to provide experiences which help preschoolers to understand more

  about God, their families and the world around them

- to help children understand our society

Message Board:


October 1st - Tuition due

October 5th - Staff Development Day

October 20th - Parent Teacher Conference

October 26th - Peebles Farm Field Trip (2's & 3's)

October 28th - Peebles Farm Field Trip (4's)

October 29th/30th - Harvest Party (11:00)

October 30th - Scholastic Book Order Due

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